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Mind Over Matter: How are Employers Choosing their Leaders?

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Finding the perfect person to be a leader within your company is sort of like going to the dentist; it can be lengthy, sometimes painful and yet is absolutely necessary. We often look at skill set and job history to guide us in finding who is most qualified for these types of positions, but what about mindset?

I read an article in British Airways business:life magazine called “The Mindset Revolution”. The article introduced me to a new book co-written by James Reed, a recruitment specialist, and Dr. Paul G Stoltz founder of PEAK Learning Inc., called “Put your Mindset to Work”.

The book centers around a research project where the authors conducted in-depth interviews of top employers across the globe and asked the question: “What do you really look for in an employee”? They also held workshops and studied 30,000 Curriculum Vitae in an effort to collect a wide range of data and perspective.

What they found blew me away. Ninety-six percent of employers chose an employee with the right desired mindset over the perfect skill set as the candidate they would hire into their company.

When they asked the question: What did they think was most likely, a person who has the right skill set developing the right mindset, or a person with the desired mindset developing the correct skill set - 98% thought the employee who has the right mindset could develop the skill set.

The study found that the top six traits employers were looking for were adaptability, flexibility, honesty, trustworthiness, accountability and commitment. These are ideal core characteristics of not only a leader but a workforce.

So if almost one hundred percent of employers are hiring for this mindset: Why is there such an obvious lack of accountability and engagement in the workforce?



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