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Mokita Busters - Fierce Conversations in Chicago

Fierce Ideas (teal lightbulb)

This week's Fierce Resource was first published last week on the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago website.

Mokita Busters - Fierce Conversations in Chicago explores how Fierce and our Authorized Provider, Cam Tripp, have partnered with the Diocese of Chicago to transform the conversations the bishop and his staff are having with each other and the larger community.

“One of the most significant ways is that when we on bishop’s staff go out into congregations, we have these sort of conversations. We are honest and we encourage others to be honest,” he (Reverand James Steen) says. Fierce precepts are also being discussed in diocesan programs such as Thrive, the new congregational development initiative; Fresh Start, and the Making Excellent Disciples program for new clergy.

“It is hard to have a conversation in this building,” Steen said referring to the diocesan offices, “without someone asking ‘what would we be focusing on now if we were having a fierce conversation?"

To read the full article, click here.

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