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New Report: 6 Key Trends That Increase Employee Productivity and Engagement


Were pleased to share a new Fierce, Inc survey report that shows professionals crave effective confrontation, cross-functional alignment and open, honest communication. Fierce surveyed over 1,400 corporate executives, individual contributors and educators across multiple industries including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and technology.

“Six Key Trends that Increase Employee Productivity and Engagement”, now available for complimentary download, uncovers up-to-date insights on how professionals at all levels of an organization view communication within their company and how it impacts work experience, engagement and productivity.

Here are some of the key survey findings:

- Almost all respondents (98%) believe a leader's decision-making process should include input from people impacted by the decision; however, 40% feel leaders and decision makers consistently fail to ask.

- 97% report that exploring other points of view leads to improved decisions, even when someone knows they are right.

- 93% agree or strongly agree that confrontation is critical to a company's success.

- Over 70% believe lack of candor impacts their company's ability to perform optimally.

You can download a complimentary copy of “Six key Trends That Increase Employee Productivity and Engagement” now.


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