New Report: Frontline Employee Training - The Business Impact of Improving Communication Throughout an Organization


We’re pleased to let you know about a new report from Fierce, Inc., that explains the business impact of improving communication throughout an organization. Often leadership development and training just focuses on employees in leadership positions while the failure of frontline employees to have effective conversations is costing companies money, time and wasted energy.

“Frontline Employee Training: The Business Impact of Improving Communication Throughout and Organization” now available for complimentary download, explains that those missing conversations in organizations where frontline employees feel they can’t engage with authenticity or candor  don’t execute the job with as much precision or innovation.

This paper offers an important perspective on the business side of making an investment in frontline employees. It cites research and recognized corporate authorities, draws on more than a decade of Fierce Conversations consulting and training, and concludes with examples of how Fierce Conversations training  is transforming company leadership throughout a Northern California school district.

“Everyone in the district became committed to powerful learning”, Elaine Cash, superintendent of the Riverdale, Calif., Joint Unified School District, says in the new report. “From the custodians to the school board, people were not afraid of building relationships with each other as well as with our students, an element so necessary to bring students to learning.”

You can download a complimentary copy of  "Frontline Employee Training: The Business Impact of Improving Communication Throughout an Organization" now!

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