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New Survey Reveals Lack of Trust in Politics & Companies

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Today we released survey findings that reveal people’s sentiments towards leaders in both business and politics. Given that we are in the middle of a contentious, unpredictable election cycle, our goal was to have a better understanding of what people are looking for in political leaders. We also wondered if there would be any difference with desired attributes for politicians compared to leaders in the corporate world. Our nationwide survey of several hundred professionals identifies how their views on leadership compare in the business and political worlds.

In what I deem a “lack of trust”, we found that more than 71% of professionals believe neither U.S. Corporations nor the U.S. Government acts in the best interest of voters and employees. This is not particularly surprising given the climate and dialogue surrounding politicians and corporate America.

However, when presented with a variety of characteristics, 51% of respondents ranked “communicator” as the most important quality for business leaders and 56.18% percent ranked it as the most important quality for politicians. Along with strong communication skills, open-mindedness, respectfulness and transparency all ranked in the top five qualities desired in a leader for both political and business positions.

“What we found is that people want the same qualities in their leaders, regardless of the context. Whether it’s heading a large corporation or the country, leaders need the same traits to be successful,” said Susan Scott, founder and CEO of Fierce.


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