No Risk No Reward


We try and minimize risk. We create algorithms so we can measure impact. We make safety procedures to ensure that fall outs will not be too severe.

Oftentimes, risk = scary territory that is chalk full of danger.

Risk has become a very dirty word.

This demonization of risk causes real stalemate in industry.

What happens when everyone colors in the lines? You get a bunch of pictures that look exactly the same.

So how do you encourage risk?

Create relationships.

Think of a time when you took a risk. What motivated you to act despite your fear? I know personally it has always been because I knew if I failed, someone would be there when I fell.

As a leader do you want pictures that stand out and are different? Do you want innovation for your organization? Then you have to give people the space to risk.

If you’re already working for an organization that gives you that space, don't wait another moment- take the opportunity.

If you’re currently working for an organization that doesn't give you that space, don't wait another moment- make the opportunity.

So how do you set yourself up to take the big leap?

Have conversations.

Just because you’re doing something risky doesn’t mean you need to throw all caution to the wind. Engage with those around you.

Incite feedback, collaborate often, and engage in a way that keeps you moving forward in a positive direction.

As we start 2012 off: risk more, engage more, and gain more.

Spread Joy through Conversation
Leading from the Ground Up

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