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Nobody Wins When Developing Employees Isn’t a Priority

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This week's Fierce resource was originally published on and was written by John Hollon.

Weekly Wrap: Nobody Wins When Developing Employees Isn’t a Priority talks about what happens when you stop investing in your employees, specifically around leadership development and education. As people, we all have a desire to feel valued for the work we do and one of the best ways for organizations to acknowledge workers is to development and further educate their people. Retain and grow or let them go.

What results have you seen in your organization? Whether you've enhanced your training or decreased it, what is the impact?

"Instead, a majority of organizations indicate that they have no prevailing policy on recruitment, saying that shifting business needs determine whether to fill a position externally or internally. In addition, 11 percent of those surveyed acknowledge that they make little effort whatsoever to retain workers and instead have decided to recruit aggressively."


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