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One Unconscious Bias is Keeping Women Out of Senior Roles

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This week’s Friday resource comes from Business Insider and calls attention to a common bias preventing women from being promoted to leadership roles.

A number of biases can impact our decisions in the workplace when it comes to hiring and promotion, but one bias in particular often prevents women from receiving the roles they’re seeking: affinity bias.

Affinity bias is present when we show favoritism for people who are like us. If the majority of the people within an organization who hire and promote are men, affinity bias can lead them to choose candidates who are also men, even if the men being selected are not actually the most suited candidates.

Per contributors Melissa Wheeler and Victor Sojo, here are some ways companies can overcome this bias:

1. Implementing gender targets and quotas to increase gender equality in leadership

2. Increasing awareness, which can mitigate the effects of affinity bias and other unconscious biases, through training and prompts to serve as reminders before panels meet to make hiring decisions

3. De-identifying CVs, or removing all demographic information in applicants’ resumes or other forms of submissions

Read the fourth tip and the full article here.


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