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Presbyterian Senior Living & Fierce Case Study

011613-Fierce_Blog_Image_PSL_v021 Presbyterian Senior Living & Fierce Case Study - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

Fierce is excited to announce a new case study that highlights our partnership with Presbyterian Senior Living.

Presbyterian Senior Living (PSL) is an over 80-year-old not-for-profit, charitable organization, governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. Committed to developing their employees, PSL CEO Steve Proctor saw an opportunity to strengthen employees' communication skills and ultimately, the business.

Fierce partnered with PSL to roll out Fierce Conversations. By starting with senior management, PSL built top-down commitment that began to permeate throughout all levels of the organization.

“We want to empower all our respective staffs at each location. We want them to have a process framework for problem solving and give our folks the necessary skills to resolve issues and make plans at the local level, with their local constituents,” said Jim Bernardo, Chief Operating Officer at PSL.

To learn more about how Fierce supports Presbyterian Senior Living in achieving their goals, download your complimentary Presbyterian Senior Living & Fierce Case Study.

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