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Sarbanes Oxley All Over Again?

20081119_fierce_truth Sarbanes Oxley All Over Again? - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

Here we go again. It was getting kind of sparse out there for the global consulting houses as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) started winding down. No new systems to design, policies to write, audits to perform, secret 800 numbers to set up. We did our best to legislate integrity, police honesty and audit truth and honor.

And where did it get us? The sub-prime lending disaster, Wall Street greed, financial collapse. But the good news (?) is that the financial houses will be busier than ever helping their surviving clients understand and comply with the new slew of regulations about to come down the pike. Should put SOX to shame.

What are we pretending not to know? We can’t legislate honesty and integrity. We just find legal work-arounds. We need to start acting in ways that encourage candor, authenticity, and transparency. We need to reward people who speak ground truth in the real world with their real voices, not anonymously behind 800 numbers. And the only place to start is with the person that’s presently standing in your shoes.

What, you may lose your job? Well, unfortunately hiding out, flying below the radar, not speaking the truth probably hasn’t served you well either. It’s not easy and it’s never been more important to show up, with grace, skill, curiosity, empathy, and integrity. Becoming the role model for the future is not for everybody. Are you ready?


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