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Social Media, Gen Y and You


There’s so much hype lately about Gen Y needing to be careful about what they post on their social media pages. These things, after all, are being looked at by recruiters, by prospective universities even.

I mean, who would hire you if you were dancing on top of a bar during Spring Break in Cancun? Silly question? Take a look at the number of "Boomers" who will be leaving the workforce soon and ask that question again. They will get hired. Trust me.

They will also continue to use social media while they are employed by you. What does that mean?  For you? For your organization? It’s time to think about that.

Maybe this new generation gets something we (from the older generations) don't.  They don't think publically talking about the things they've done or are thinking about doing is such a big deal.  Many of them even think "outing" their current employer on their favorite social media site is necessary.

It’s just what needs to be done in order to change things.  Maybe this new generation is smarter than we give them credit for.

The challenge will be for the rest of us to stop getting in their way, crimping their style, telling them no, and they can't.  This generation is going to invent things we can't even imagine.

They are going to blow the top off of "corporate spin" and introduce a new type of corporation - one that is radically transparent, intensely humane, brilliantly fun and amazingly fair.

I don't plan to get in their way...I want to learn from them.  Join them.  Friend them.



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