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Spread Joy through Conversation


I’m excited to kick off the challenge and share my experience of spreading joy through conversation.

I chose to apply this challenge in two ways: first, to spread joy by showing appreciation to both my colleagues and family. I tend to think appreciative thoughts, but I don’t always verbalize them. I’m not sure why I do this.

The challenge was an awesome opportunity to share my thoughts with others out loud, instead of keeping them in my head.

For example, my husband often goes out of his way to accommodate my work schedule by driving me to work, so I can sleep in a little later.

I made sure every day this week to tell him how this helps make my day so much easier, how much it means to me that he does it, and that I don’t take his act of kindness for granted.

I instantly saw the impact of me sharing these few thoughts of appreciation.

At work, this week kicked off an exciting new opportunity with the addition of several team members. One, specifically, is a colleague I will be working very closely with.

Every day I made the conscious effort to let him know how much I appreciate that he has taken on the challenge of this new role, and how much I admire his dedication.

If I’m being honest, these are two conversations I would have had in my head instead of out loud. This little practice has hooked me to keep the appreciation flowing out of my mouth!

The second way I chose to spread joy through conversation was in showing up with that posture with others.

I did this by being more present in my conversations and listening more. I tried not to run through my to-do checklists when having conversations with others.

When I show up fully, the conversations are far more satisfying for everyone.

I tried to keep my attitude in mind this week as well. How was my mood affecting my conversations? What could I change to make them more positive?

All in all, I felt it was a successful week for me. I didn’t always have conversations that were as eloquent as I might like, and yet, I had them.  That was a big step for me.

Taking responsibility for my attitude and presence felt very empowering.

So, how did you do? How did you spread joy through conversation? Let us know!

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