Susan Scott’s Take on Results-Driven Conversation: An Interview by The Human Capital Institute

Susan Scott
As part of the Nine to Thrive Podcast, HCI’s Holly Pennebaker spoke with our very own Susan Scott, Fierce Founder and CEO. In this podcast, Susan addresses the following questions:

• What has inspired you to revise Fierce Conversations?
• How would you describe barriers to communication? How would you recommend we overcome them?
• What is often missing in our conversations, and how does the book address that?
• What led you to make relationships such a central focus of the book?

Using colorful examples, Susan dives into the specific exchanges that reveal the state of problems and shares the way to overcome barriers to meaningful conversations. She touches on how our approach should help us overcome problems by saying what is real—in a way that will be heard and useful to organizations and their teams.

“Without relationship, we’ve got nothing.” – Susan Scott

Listen to the podcast here.

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