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Taking Responsibility Is the Highest Mark of Great Leaders

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Forbes and describes why leaders with a track record of taking responsibility – for both individual and team actions are more likely to be promoted than candidates with similar qualifications.

Forbes Contributor, Zack Zenger, believes that a leader’s demonstrated willingness to behave responsibly is one of the most undervalued leadership characteristics. This often overlooked aspect in leadership literature is the driving force for many promotional decisions within organizations.

Zenger asserts that responsibility extends far beyond accountability. Being accountable means you are willing to accept the results of a team project or activity as your own. A responsible leader understands that they are the person who must make things happen. They set their own agenda and personal goals aside, and continually pursue goals that benefit the company as a whole.

“Responsible behavior includes doing things for which there is no immediate reward, but that are in the organization’s best interests.”

Read the article.

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