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Teaching Teens Social and Emotional Intelligence Skills

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Yesterday, we shared a video, produced by student Lizz Ortiz, about how fierce is impacting the students at Rodney D. Joslin School. This week's Fierce Resource supports the work that Fierce in the Schools is doing with Director, Angela Brooks-Rallins, at the Joslin School.

Teaching Teens Social and Emotional Intelligence Skills was first published on Daniel Goleman's LinkedIn blog. In this piece, he explores how important these types of skills are to our future generations.

"As more learning takes place in group and team settings, many teachers have observed that unless we help them tackle personal and social challenges, many will never fully engage and will not fulfill their potential. The good news is that the team approach to teaching emotional intelligence skills has shown great promise. If you can get teens to work together toward a common goal, then you have very easily grasped a way to help them see the value of emotional intelligence, and to help each other along."

To read the full blog, click here.


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