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Telecommuting the Conversation


So, you are a telecommuter, you have people on your team who telecommute, you are a wannabe telecommuter…you get the point.

How do you make sure you aren’t banished to the island of forgotten employees? How do you help an old school boss understand that you are working and not doing laundry and watching soap operas (do people even watch soap operas anymore)?

Some companies, like Plantronics are actually designing their work-spaces to try to keep employees working from home. They haven’t even designed enough desks for all their employees.

"There’s an expectation that you can work anywhere and be highly productive and engaged," says Patricia Wadors, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Plantronics.

What Plantronics has come to realize is that conversations are changing. They can take place via Skype, text, email, phone and, of course, in person.

The secret to keeping the telecommuting conversations going, is to have them. And when you have them, be authentic and present.

Presence is not only about being physically present, but rather mentally and emotionally present. This is the key to being an engaged employee and not needing as much face time.

Things are changing. Kudos to the companies that are on the forefront of figuring this out. These companies are forging the path for the rest of them.

How do you stay engaged when you telecommute? What are your secrets or tips?


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