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The Best Tools for Improving Employee Engagement

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published on Tech.Co and explores techniques aimed at boosting employee enthusiasm.

Employee engagement isn’t just this “touchy-feely” abstract concept it seems to be, it’s also about an organization’s productivity level. A Gallup study found that the annual cost of lost production in the United States is over $450 billion.

If you want to earn back some of that lost revenue, you have to find a way to inspire and engage your team. The Best Tools for Improving Employee Engagement recommends creating a sense of unity by adopting a culture of constant communication. When employees feel like there are kept in the loop, they build a sense of accountability and are willing to go the extra mile.

How transparent is you organization?

“While some workers function better independently, having constant communication between the managers, the employees, and between colleagues will create a sense of unity. It also makes employees feel like there are others ready to help them if needed, eliminating frustration and bringing passion back into projects, which will inherently make employees more engaged in the day-to-day tasks they’re given.”

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