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The Best Way for New Leaders to Build Trust

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Harvard Business Review and explores the best ways for a new leader within an organization to build trust with their newly appointed team.

Building the complete trust of a team is never an easy feat for any leader within an organization. It becomes even more difficult when you are new to an organization and have to earn the trust of an established team. This has to be the number one priority for any new leader, and they need to address it on day one.

In his article, Dougherty explains that meeting with as many individual contributors to the team as soon as possible and gathering as much information is a crucial starting point. This differs from the approach many new leaders have, which is to come in and produce answers to ongoing problems immediately –without gathering the necessary information first.

During these initial meetings, it is important to listen, not dictate, and to ask questions, not assume. Be curious and get to the root level of overarching issues and truly embrace the answers you receive from your team. They will be your most valuable asset moving forward and growing your company.

“Whether you are taking over a small department, an entire division, a company, or even a Boy Scout troop, the first thing you must get is the trust of the members of that entity.”

Read the article.

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