The Comparison Trap

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Fierce facilitators and partners, Jeff Gaines and Jim Sorenson, have just published a new book Never Enough Nation: Managing your Health, Wealth and Stress. This week's Fierce Resource was written by Jim Sorenson and was first published on the Never Enough Nation blog.

The Comparison Trap, explores how tied our own self worth is to others. Jim explores the idea of self-esteem through comparison, in which if we want to feel good about ourselves we label how others differ as bad, and vice versa.

"I fell into the comparison trap early in life. I didn’t know that who I was and what I had was not enough until it was pointed out to me. All of a sudden, my toys, my house, my clothes, and my little skinny body were not good enough. This notion followed me throughout my life. I compared my grades, my pimply skin, my car, my rate of promotion, my stats, etc. My self-worth lived and died at the feet of comparison."

To read the full blog, click here.

And to learn more about their book, Never Enough Nation: Managing your Health, Wealth and Stress, click here.

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