The Decline of the Office Holiday Party

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Bloomberg and discusses the decline of the holiday office party.

Approximately 65% of organizations are currently providing their employees with an annual holiday party. This is down from 83% in 1998, per a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) study. While some of the decline is attributed to the lean years of the economic downturn, the economy continues to recover, yet more and more companies are opting out of the year end soiree.

“Unlike in 2009, companies aren't opting out for financial reasons. This year, only 6 percent of respondents cited budget constraints as a reason for cutting the party, down from 20 percent in 2009, at the height of financial crisis austerity.”

So, what is the reason?

A theory per Evren Esen, director of survey programs at the SHRM is people are not longing for a holiday party. Many organizations are polling their employees and finding that they are not missing this year end festivity.

This is also an incredibly busy time of year for employees. Many people are out of the office already and have their own holiday celebrations with friends and family. For larger companies, finding a time and venue to hold a party can be extremely challenging. One way companies have adapted to this issue is by hosting smaller, departmental holiday bashes. The downside of this is it does not expose employees to colleagues outside of their normal day-to-day communication.

How is your company celebrating the holiday party? We want to know!

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