The Facebook Friend Request Employees Dread

original_lightbulb The Facebook Friend Request Employees Dread - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

This week's Fierce Resource was first published last month on the Business Daily News website, and this week was re-syndicated on Yahoo News.

The Facebook Friend Request Employees Dread, sites statistics from our most recent Facebook in the Workplace survey and quotes Fierce CEO & President, Halley Bock.

"Getting a friend request on Facebook is usually exciting, but there is one notable exception. When that request comes from a boss or manager, a majority of workers say they are uncomfortable in accepting it. Workers have good reason to have those feelings. That's because nearly 1 in 3 employees say they know of a person who has been reprimanded for inappropriate postings on Facebook, research by Fierce Inc., found. That research also found that 40 percent of employees engage in inappropriate communications with co-workers on Facebook, including everything from gossiping to flirting."

To read the full article on Yahoo News, click here.

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