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The Fear of Commitment

fear-of-committment-pic1 The Fear of Commitment - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

As a new year rolls over, many companies have new strategies to undertake -- some more scary than others. Here at Fierce, we have identified a new business model that stands to add quite a few dollars to the bottom line in addition to bringing us more in line with our vision. It also requires a significant shift in thinking along with a large dose of courage. Because this one, you see, will require some serious risk-taking.

That said, I know it is perfectly natural for fear to emerge along with the need to discuss the “why” and “how” of the plan all over again. It’s a way to reassure one another why we are going where we’re going. And, at the end of these meetings, not only is there a renewed sense of commitment but the team bond deepens. I can almost hear the shift occur. I appreciate these conversations because it means we all care a LOT about this company and want to ensure it’s continued success.

But what if it keeps happening? What if I am spending an equal amount of time and energy forwarding the plan as I am hauling yet another person back on the bus? This has been my reality for a good 4-months now and it’s challenging my abilities as a leader.

After having meetings hijacked by someone expressing fear to being sideswiped in unrelated meetings with the same, I find myself running out of ideas and energy to turn the ship back around. And I know that I cannot allow myself to bottom-out or give up. If I do, I have failed at my job.

Therefore, what’s left to do? Resign to the fact that not everyone will sign-up to my vision? Doubtful given that every player here is a key player in achieving the new strategy. Rather, I’ve decided to take a back seat the next time this conversation comes up again. Instead of driving the conversation (yet again) from my perspective, I think it would benefit all of us (including me!) to hear the “why” and “how” from someone else on the team. Perhaps he or she will say it in a way that will permanently land with someone. And I can sit back and watch someone else shine. That ought to give me my energy back!

What have you done when faced with this dilemma?


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