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The Generational Divide: Who Will Win?


Lately the generational divide has been a topic front and center, in conferences, the press, blogs... We are surprised, and a little concerned with the assumptions about millennials that are being offered up as the “capital T” truth.

If you look at the press and commentary you’d think that Millennials (insert zombies) are coming in mass to get us. They will soon take over business as we know it, booting out boomers, trampling Gen Xers, and demanding every entitlement under the sun.

So we thought we’d add to the chatter a different perspective, from both sides of the generational divide.

From Stacey, the Millennial:

Sure some millennials can be needy at times - wanting feedback on a weekly basis. And yes, some millennials think they deserve their promotions before they have shown impact in their roles. Others not so much. As a generation, we do love our technology and continually improving our devices and toys. The thing is - there are millennials that work all hours to tackle a tough challenge. Millennials want opportunity to make impact. We want access, and frankly, are scared that we won't be able to have the influence needed. Imagine that.

More than ever, we as a society, all generations, are very aware of global issues. How will those be solved? Millennials do not necessarily believe that gamification and technology need to be inserted between us and the problem, but it could be.

We crave working with you, Boomers. After all, you taught us everything we know for the most part. You are our parents, and now you are our future coaches. We need you to guide us in what we don't know, so we can truly bring something new to the table.

We can even do it face-to-face.

From Christine, the Boomer:

Sure some of us are a little scared, the rules of engagement are changing. We are not as comfortable with digital as we should be. We are staying in our jobs longer and want the security of choosing to stay. We still think face time at work (and we’re willing to put in a lot of it) is the only time that counts. We fear our experience may no longer be valued. And we're a little unsure about of the idea of a global generational society.

And others of us welcome this new and fresh perspective. We are rolling up our sleeves and jumping into the digital world. We love the freedom of being un-tethered in the old traditional ways. We don’t fear our worth and want to have our perspectives challenged. We don’t see the need for putting in time before you can have a voice at the table, and that multiple, often competing realities (insert generations) lead to better decisions and innovation….

And, after all, these are our children and we think we’ve done a damn good job raising them.

Our findings... the generational divide is not so big. While media will always make a big stink about competing generations, the truth is we need each other.

What do you think? What would you add? Leave us a comment to share your thoughts.


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