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The Important Question Every Employee Should Be Able to Answer

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published on Fortune and delves into the relationship between profit and purpose.

For the past few years, organizations has been focusing on how millennials aren’t motivated by money, but rather by purpose. This has sent shockwaves through corporate America. How can organizations attract the top millennial talent, while working to improve their bottom line?

But as the article The Important Question Every Employee Should Be Able to Answer points out, profit and purpose don’t have to be mutually exclusive focuses. In fact, many organizations have discovered that profit exists so we can fulfill our purpose. It starts with holding your employees able to achieve sustainable results and empowering them to work towards their purpose.

Where does purpose lie in your organization’s value list?

“One way we have resolved this in the companies in which I am involved is through a document called Prosperity Principles that outlines the profit and financial parameters required to fulfill the purpose of the organization. It should also define those prosperity factors—purpose, promotions, raises, etc. that appeal most to employees.”

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