The Leadership Experiment


"What if one question could change all your relationships?" asks Catherine Newman in her Whole Living magazine article called "The Love Experiment". What if? When I first read this question I found it so simple and so profound it gave me chills.

"Please tell me, how can I love you better?"

Wow. Instead of making assumptions, jumping to conclusions, or guessing, why not ask? How can I love you better? This question may work well with loved ones, but probably wouldn’t go over as well in the workplace. So instead try asking:

"Please tell me, how can I be a better boss?"

"How can I support you better?"

"What would it take to keep you here long term?"

"Please tell me, how can I be a more effective leader?"

We'll call it the "The Leadership Experiment". Use these questions or discover your own.

The answers you get may surprise you – they may be a hard pill to swallow – they may astonish and delight you. And, just imagine what the answers could do for your business, for your effectiveness as a leader or a colleague. Just imagine.

Now, go ask…and tell me how it goes.

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