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Tips for Networking at Holiday Parties

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by and discusses how you can leverage the annual holiday office party to network like a pro.

There is a lot more to gain from the annual office holiday party than a few pounds from booze and hors d'oeuvres. Chiefly, career advancement. The annual holiday party is a great opportunity to rub elbows with colleagues outside of your normal circle, allowing for great networking opportunities within your company and your colleagues’ networks.

Per Alison Doyle, The Balance, there are some simple rules to follow if you are to make the most of these networking opportunities. The first rule, never say no to a holiday party. Chances are your company will require you to attend, but don’t be so quick to turn down an invite to join a friend’s or partner’s. You never know what connections you will establish. Secondly, bring something you can take notes on to remember some of the good conversation you had, and any potential follow-up you can do in the future.

The most important thing to remember is be natural, and be yourself. It is important to be consistent, inside and outside of the office.

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