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To Text or Not to Text: That Is the Question

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The first text message was sent on December 3, 1992 by a Canadian test engineer. It said Merry Christmas. On the eve of text messaging’s 13th year anniversary, it is only appropriate to talk about how text messaging has affected our communication. We often get asked so many questions around technology use in companies and how texting should and should not be used.

First and foremost, the simple answer is that you must obey your instincts about when and how to use texts. Your "gut" does act as an internal compass that can serve as a powerful guide. The best part is that it happens automatically – you simply have to tune in and listen. Then check your results.

If you notoriously do not get the results you want when texting, then you need to reassess.

Here are a few pointers on dos and don’ts. And for those who say it is common sense, use it as a reference when you are triggered or feeling emotional. We all have days where it can go awry.

Do Use Text to…

    • Communicate logistics and more directive statements
    • Share small praises and appreciation
    • Connect on special occasions
    • Talk through simple scenarios

Don’t Use Texting to…

    • Convey more than three sentences of thoughts at a time – a novel is not appropriate
    • Talk about complex emotional thoughts
    • Share confidential information
    • Confront someone

Come on master texters - what would you add?


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