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Top 5 to Thrive from WiRL Founder

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This week’s Fierce Resource was first published on and was written by Mitch Shepard, Founder & Creative Force behind Women in Real Life (WiRL).

Top 5 To Thrive shares powerful and practical steps to building a successful career and life with intention. The key to evaluating what is real today begins with the conversations you have with yourself. Although these conversations are sometimes easier to push aside, once we dig in we find comfort in knowing.

“Whether you realize it or not, the things you value most are RUNNING YOUR LIFE. If you’re living true to your TOP values, you likely feel a sense of ease, peace of mind, happiness and confidence when making decisions. If you’ve strayed from your most cherished values, you may be feeling sad, guilty, overwhelmed, conflicted and/or unfulfilled. Can you see how there’s great power in knowing explicitly what your values are? The knowledge will allow you make sound decisions, live a life that’s meaningful, have less regret and guilt, and feel more at peace with your life and your next career move. Can you articulate the top 5 values that drive you?”

Fierce, Inc. is proud to announce that our Founder, Susan Scott and President & CEO, Halley Bock will be speaking at the Women in Real Life Online Leadership Summit beginning April 28th – May 24th.


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