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Using Emotional Intelligence Is a Woman Leader's Secret Weapon

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by and explains why using emotional intelligence is a woman leader’s secret weapon.

In the article, LaRae Quy, former FBI counterintelligence agent talks about the role emotional intelligence (EQ) played in her career advancement within the FBI. Unlike many of her colleagues, Quy advanced her career and became an organizational leader by having a strong voice, not the loudest. Quy’s deviation from the FBI norm – tactics including aggressive, bullying behavior that relies heavily on intimidation to be effective allowed her to be extremely successful in her role. “Loud, boisterous, and pushy behavior may get attention, but it certainly does not get respect.”

Quy provides four reasons emotional intelligence can be a woman leaders most powerful tool. Two are:

    1. Women Have Permission to Be Emotionally Intelligent; Men, Not So Much

“Women in the workforce need to grab success however they can, but too many of them are throwing away their advantages by trying to be like men.”

    1. Women Executives Rank Highest in Emotional Intelligence

“It is believed that women often face barriers throughout their careers that require them to develop emotional intelligence skills they need to advance in their organizations.”

Quy goes on to provide some interesting insights into the science and research behind whether women or men have stronger natural tendencies towards emotional intelligence.

To find out the other two reasons emotional intelligence can be a woman leaders most powerful tool, read the full article.


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