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Virtual Online Training: Building a Fierce Connection

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If you look up the word Virtual its antonym is  Authentic, this is something I strongly disagree with. The biggest misconception about the virtual world is that it lacks deep connection and that somehow a physical conversation is superior to a virtual one. I agree that maybe at some point this was true but the last ten years has seen the virtual landscape transformed; now you see families, friends and companies having impactful and authentic conversations through technology.

This is why I am so excited about Fierce launching our Virtual Instruction Led Training (V.I.L.T.), the ability to bring these qualities of courage and candor to the online learning world  opens the door even further to defy space and time in order to connect with a fellow co-worker. However, incorporating these new learning forms into your business to just purely satisfy a growing “Gen Y” workforce undercuts the process and shuts off the benefits for your multigenerational workforce.

When working on our new Virtual Fierce workshop we wanted certain things to be embedded in our course, here are three ways we're hoping to bring a genuine learning experience online.

“Our work, our relationships, and our lives succeed or fail one conversation at a time”- this idea resonates with me so deeply I feel a guttural connection to its idea. You can replicate a physical shared experience in cyber land; connectivity happens through engagement and if what you're learning is hitting all your senses and your gut you should still feel the tingle of the physical world.

Role play is not authentic; we like to hear what is actually going on in people’s lives which help us relate to one another, gain trust and build a context about who we are sharing our learning experience with.  Interaction is the hallmark of a successful VILT session and we honestly believe that interaction goes deeper and wider when solving issues that you and your company is actually dealing with.

There’s no doubt that the sweet spot of V.I.L.T is its flexibility and reach. Leadership Development and training is beneficial for everyone but in the past it has not always been possible for companies to bring their frontline workforce through the experience or for the global network to connect so easily. With the ability to now connect more accessible and with more sophisticated content available; companies everywhere have expanded opportunities available to them.

What do you look for in virtual learning experience? What’s most important to you when connecting with others online? Also, look out for Virtual Fierce coming soon!


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