Want to Make Your Employees Happy? Ask Them to Do Something Hard


This week's Fierce Resource was originally published on Inc.com and written by Rebecca Borison.

Want to Make Your Employees Happy? Ask Them to Do Something Hard reveals a difficult, and not so simple challenge: How do you keep your employees engaged? The answer... more complex assignments where your people are actively solving a problem. It isn't rocket science and when they find the solution and share it, they can end the day with a sense of accomplishment.

What assignments can you delegate to your team to promote development? What will this do for morale?

"As a leader, you should look out for the following signs to determine when employees are ready for a new challenge: Everything they manage has run smoothly for a while; when they encounter a problem they quickly find a solution; they try to fix other problems at the office from different departments; and they've become inexplicably negative. If you notice an employee who fits this description, it's probably time to assign them a new challenge."

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