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Learn how to have conversations that get results

We’re a Best Place to Work!

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We are absolutely ecstatic to be a Seattle Business Magazine Best Place to Work!

We want to thank each person at Fierce for bringing their heads and hearts to the work we do, each and every day.

Fierce is a fast-growing, fast-paced learning organization that walks its talk. We teach our clients how to have real conversations that invite differing perspectives, that tackle tough issues, that “rock the boat”, that get to the heart of the matter, that develop the leader within everyone - all while enriching relationships.

Our mission is to better the world, one conversation at a time, and we understand that it starts with ourselves. So we are real with one another and involved with our community.

On top of that, we have these perks:

    • Happy Hours: Employees are invited to monthly happy hours to help foster the company's value of having fun together. These events have featured scavenger hunts around the city, photo booths or just gathering around the office margarita machine.


    • Personal Development: Employees each receive a minimum of $1,000 each year for personal development, which can be used in any way they choose that will "improve their lives from the inside out." Employees have used the funds for knitting classes, fitness training, glass blowing classes and a variety of other pursuits.


    • Work-life Balance: Fierce employees work completely flexible work schedules and can telecommute. They also receive two months paid parenting leave, as well as unlimited personal time off.


    • Sabbatical: After seven years with the company, employees are eligible for a one-month paid sabbatical.


    • Social Events: Each year, Fierce hosts two company-wide social events, such as Major League Baseball games, private "Ride the Duck" tours on amphibious vehicles, and group cooking classes.

In the words of our Founder and CEO, Susan Scott, “Listen. In every office you hear the threads of love and joy and fear and guilt, the cries for celebration and reassurance, and somehow you know that connecting those threads is what you are supposed to do and business takes care of itself.” 

Cheers to that!

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