What Companies Are Getting Wrong About Every Generation


This week's Fierce resource was originally published on FastCompany.com and was written by Stephen R. Fussell.

What Companies Are Getting Wrong About Every Generation addresses the idea of multiple generations that make up today's organizations. Over the past year we've seen a fifth generation enter the workforce and now more than ever companies are challenged with how to manage this diverse workforce.  Instead of thinking about each generation as different, change the way you look at generations by asking yourself- what makes us the same? Have a conversation, you may be surprised what you find.

What commonalities do you share with those in your workplace?

"But in the actual workforce, the picture is more nuanced, and honestly, more important than one single workforce generation. Successful companies are woven from individuals working together in teams whose makeup spans the generations. They don’t revolve around one employee subgroup, despite what the headlines suggest."

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