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What Inspires You as a Leader?

What Inspires a Fierce Leader-Fierce, Inc.

As a leader, how long has it been since you asked yourself: what inspires me?

Have you taken it a step farther and shared the question with your team, your department, your organization?

Asking this of yourself and those who surround you is critical to success. It demands that you survey your world and take a close look at what motivates your actions. This directly impacts how and why you communicate the way you do.

It's important to get real with yourself. Below are four questions you can ask.

What inspires you day in and day out?

Does your inspiration motivate you toward accomplishing your future goals?

What about your inspiration scares you?

Are you stimulated regularly by your inspiration?

The beauty of asking these questions is there's no right or wrong answer. The benefits could be transformative.

As a leader, knowing these answers can provide clarity and purpose. By taking the time to have the conversation and learning more about what inspires your team, you will gain a greater understanding of what motivates your employees.

So, to start, do you know what inspires you?


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