What Managers Can Do When Employees Engage in Conflict

Fierce Ideas (green lightbulb)

This week’s Fierce resource was published on TLNT.com and was written by Kevin Mason.

What Managers Can Do When Employees Engage in Conflict outlines five tips to help resolve conflict in a productive manner. Think of the last time you were angry, how hard was it for you to listen? To be present in the conversation? Often the biggest challenge is to check our egos and emotions at the door to have a more productive and honest conversation. As leaders, we should all be encouraging our teams to have direct conversations to enrich each relationship.

Think of a time when you needed to have a difficult conversation, how did you handle it? What would you do differently?

Focus on listening – It is not necessary to take sides when it comes to putting out small fires. Escalating anger is often slowed down when you lend a sympathetic ear to each party. Avoid inserting your opinions and simply provide your full attention. This is the beginning of an open dialogue.”