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When to Delegate? Try the 70 Percent Rule

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This week's Fierce resource was originally published on and was written by Jim Schleckser.

Do you find yourself wishing someone would take work off your plate? When to Delegate? Try the 70 Percent Rule identifies a constant challenge in every single organization that exists. Picture this: a bag of 100 rocks in a backpack, each weighing 1 pound and oh yeah, you carry it everywhere you go. Imagine being able to take 30 percent of that away, immediately the load feels lighter and you too feel lighter. You now have mental and physical capacity to tackle a challenge or two that you've had to overlook several times. Doesn't that sound relieving?

Think about what is currently on your plate that you can delegate. Who in your organization or on your team is interested in developing? 

"Trust is one of the most important factors when it comes to delegation, and it goes both ways. You need to trust that your team members will complete the work they are responsible for, and your team members need to trust that you are giving them all the information they need to do the work. You will be available to back them up when necessary. Effective delegation can be the answer for the time-challenged small-business owner who is struggling to find the time to build his or her business."

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