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Where Are You Looking for Change in Your Life?

Change you want to see

I almost removed the slide that said No Goals = No Change. That’s all it said. It seemed so obvious to me that I felt it hardly needed to be said. I was teaching a class for new supervisors and managers, and it was part of the curriculum. I was focused on getting to the “meatier” stuff.

And then, I started thinking about times in my career that I had found myself stuck or started feeling bored with the day in and day out aspects of my work. I always got myself “unstuck” by focusing on positive goals for my future. I took on new projects to make the work I did more interesting. I tackled some old issues that had gone unresolved. I talked with my boss about future opportunities for growth.  I set goals. Because if I didn’t, I was certain to stay stuck.

No Goals = No Change.

Where are you looking for change in your life? This is the question to ask. What are you not happy with? What do you wish were better? Once you identify these things, set a goal or goals to take care of it. Chances are good, one of the things you may need to do is have a conversation with someone.

Set a goal to take care of that…today. Who do you need to talk with in order to make these goals come true? Your boss?  Your kids?  Yourself?

Set a goal today, and begin. The change will do you good.

This article was originally posted on September 18th, 2012 by Aimee Windmiller-Wood, SVP of Learning & Development. 


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