Why Leaders Should Fail

Why-Leaders-Should-Fail Why Leaders Should Fail - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

In an ever competing global business world, it seems like there is less forgiveness of leaders for their failures. Perfection is no longer something to strive for, it’s expected.

I hate to break the news, but the cliché statement that nobody’s perfect, is true!

Leaders are going to make mistakes and organizations need them to.


Because the alternative is that leaders live in a state of paralysis, brought on by the fear of being looked at in a negative light or worse, fired.

As a result, the entire organization will stagnate because of inaction, and employee engagement will tank due to fear of consequences.

The failure itself may cost the organization – how the company reacts to it will determine the extent.

At Fierce, we focus on the fact that the conversation is the relationship. A culture that embraces the chance to learn from its failures by embracing imperfections, rather than humiliating or punishing them, will encourage innovation and engagement.

Simple as that.

As a leader, do you feel like you can fail?

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