Why Managers Should Love Football Season

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This week's Fierce Resource was published yesterday on theDailyMuse website. Why Managers Should Love Football Season, was written by Fierce CEO & President Halley Bock.

In the article, she explores why managers should shift their mindset away from football season being a "time suck" and gives three tips on how to leverage the opportunity to build relationship with employees.

"First of all, if you think you can manage employee conversations, you’re playing in your own very special kind of fantasy league. Unfortunately, there can be no winners here. When employers curb the topics that are of interest to their employees, the conversations don’t stop. They just take place somewhere else. Like behind closed doors, at the water cooler, or during breaks that—all of a sudden—become longer and longer and occur more and more often. While you may think you’re nipping a potential “time suck” in the bud, you are in reality taking a bite out of productivity."

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