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Why Working Smarter Means Conserving Your Energy

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This week’s Friday Resource was originally published by and offers insights into how employees can avoid burnout and work exhaustion by conserving their energy.

A common workplace phrase we hear is “work smarter, not harder,” but how is this really done? Surely everyone would be working smarter with higher energy levels if this was easily attainable. According to Dizik, “Working smarter is not really about being focused on details to assure productivity, but rather being focused on the energy we harness while we’re working and relaxing.”

When operating at a frantic pace, it is extremely difficult to measure energy levels and gauge if you need to take a break or have the capacity to keep pushing. Tracking how you feel at any given hour throughout the day allows you to set your schedule to do your best work during your “high energy times.” This could be first thing in the morning, at the end of the night or anywhere in-between.

Once you have defined these high energy windows, you can shift your energy use throughout the day to create sustained energy. During these “down times” it is important to recharge. This can be accomplished with a ten-minute meditation session, or quiet time away from the computer screen.

How will you conserve your energy and work smarter?

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