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Working Remote: A Communication Road Block?

130227-Blog Working Remote: A Communication Road Block? - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

This week Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer announced that this summer the privilege for Yahoo employees to work remote will end, and everyone will need to return to the office. With only a few hundred of Yahoo employees working full-time from home, out of fourteen thousand plus, it seems this policy change is directed at employees who work remote just a few days a week.

The news comes as a shock, given that Yahoo was on the forefront of the work remote policy, and this type of flexibility has only seemed to grow in popularity.

So why is Yahoo drawing back the troops? In the internal document sent by HR Director, Jackie Reese, Marissa Mayer, and Yahoo as a whole, are committed to getting back to the basics of rebuilding their culture by focusing on communication and collaboration.

Does working remote for a few days a week really hinder collaboration and communication?

Not if the foundation is there beforehand.

Last June, [former] Fierce CEO & President, Halley Bock instituted an unlimited PTO and work remote policy. As a new mom, I couldn’t be more thankful for this policy as it has allowed me to be both successful at work and there for my family.

With that being said, I really look forward to coming into the office after a day away and feel confident saying most of my colleagues feel the same. Is the difference between Fierce and Yahoo that we had a collaborative and communication-rich culture before the policy was put into place and no one wanted to lose that? The fact that we know how good it can be has helped everyone stay accountable to one another.

Do you feel working remote hinders collaboration and communication?


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