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Your Employees’ Emotions Are Clues to What Motivates Them

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This week’s Friday Resource was originally published by Harvard Business Review  and explains why employees’ emotions are clues to what motivates them.   

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important leadership characteristics. One of the reasons this is such a desired trait is that emotional intelligence helps us understand what motivates the people around us – even if they are not completely aware.

In his article, Art Markman asserts that companies focusing solely on producing optimistic emotions within are hurting the productivity of their organization.

“The more satisfied people are with their current state, the less motivated they are to move forward and achieve new things. A little negative emotion reflects that people have goals that they have not yet achieved.”

It is important for leaders to understand and pick up on these emotions. Negative emotions should be seen as an opportunity to connect with an employee and help them achieve a goal or milestone they are currently struggling with. Starting this dialogue can also allow employees to voice issues in their personal lives that may be hindering their performance on the job.

Employees want to feel they are supported both inside and outside of the office, and it is important to pay attention to the signals, both positive and negative.

Read the article.

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