Your Question Matters


How often do you get asked a truly thought-provoking question? I’m talking about the step-back-a-moment kind of question. All the time?  Twice a week? Never?

Less thought-provoking questions are asked every day – multiple times. I’ve recently paid attention to how regularly I ask and get asked “how are you?” or “how’s it going?”. The next part of the exchange usually involves the person responding “good”, “really well” or something of the sort. Then the other partner takes his or her turn. Often times, the question is just a ritual.

And I’m not knocking the ritual. I’m just concerned if those kinds of questions are the extent of what I ask or get asked in a day...potential is lost. Deliberate questions have the power to bring relationships to another level.

For instance, starting a one-on-one conversation with “how are you?” versus “what’s the most important thing we should be talking about today?” opens a very different conversation.

Fierce recently conducted a survey on employee-supervisor relationships titled Horrible Bosses, and we found 80% percent of respondents who reported a good employee-supervisor relationship claim that the most important thing a boss can do to create a positive working relationship is to both solicit and value their input.

Soliciting and valuing input, which ultimately creates connection, does not come to fruition by superficial interaction– it is propelled by poignant, thought-provoking questions.

This need for deeper connection exists in conference rooms and offices – no doubt. However, the need also lives at your dining room table, your coffee shop, your community meeting – everywhere.

We know the need exists – what’s stopping us?

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