A Comprehensive Report From Fierce and Quantum Workplace

This free eBook dives deep into the issues of miscommunication and offers solutions for creating more engagement and clarity in one-on-ones, team meetings, and organization-wide. We wanted to conduct this research on miscommunication to fully understand the impact it’s having on organizations, including the costs (time, money, engagement, relationships, productivity, and more), and explore how effective conversations can help.

Fierce + Quantum

Quantum helps organizations retain top talent, motivate performance, understand turnover, and build magnetic cultures. Their studies reveal that communication is indeed at the heart of employee engagement. Fierce and Quantum have both researched employee engagement in the past, and have weighed in on the conversations needed to improve engagement and workplace culture.

In preparation for this eBook, Quantum Workplace and Fierce Conversations designed a survey to capture perceptions on workplace conversations, miscommunication, and employee engagement. This study surveyed 1,344 employees and used Quantum Workplace’s e9 model, which measures engagement using a set of nine survey items that tap into work, team, and organizational engagement.

What’s in it for you?

Research from Fierce Conversations and Quantum Workplace reveals trends around miscommunication in the workplace and finds that effective workplace communication is directly linked to employee engagement. When engagement suffers, it costs you and your organization time, money, and results. The eBook content contains eye-opening data and reveals the types of conversations necessary to increase engagement, create change, and shift your workplace culture.

Sponsored by Fierce Conversations, this eBook includes:

  • Research behind the benefits of high quality conversations with managers and peers
  • Insight on who's responsible for miscommunication in the workplace
  • A look at challenges in communicating effectively via technology
  • Tips on creating a voice-empowered culture and freeing employees to speak their minds
  • Best practices for overcoming common miscommunication challenges, in both one-on-one and meeting settings
  • And more!

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