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Get an in-depth needs analysis to pinpoint your most vexing problems and test-drive the training that will solve them.

Pointless conversations are
costing you time and money.

Does your organization struggle with:

  • Unrealistic goals
  • Unproductive employees
  • Limited resources
  • Hostile work environment
  • Time and budget constraints

You can’t afford another pointless conversation.

The Plan

We’ll work with you to customize the training that suits you best.

[ Training Needs Analysis ]

Tell us about your most pressing issues. We’ll listen closely to get the important details. Then we’ll customize a demo to highlight the Fierce training programs that will best address your problems.

[ Custom Demo ]

With your needs top of mind, we’ll recommend one of three custom demos to preview our content--either in-person or online:

A. Pilot Workshop

A cornerstone in-person training to test-drive a new approach to effective communications.

Working with a master facilitator, you’ll pilot the tools to transform your entire team into great conversationalists.

B. Taste of Fierce: Virtual Preview

A 90-minute virtual training that showcases: (1) the foundational principles of our work, and (2) the Fierce Confrontation training model.

C. In-Depth Content Overview

Work one on one with a Fierce staff member by phone to get an in-depth look at our proprietary training programs that can best be applied to solving your business problems.

The result? A dialed-in diagnosis of your unique needs.

Request your custom demo with Fierce today.

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