An actionable tool to
propel conversations that matter.

Customizable kits — available only to Fierce certified trainers — that reinforce techniques, sustain momentum, and capture new insights.

Instill Fierce in your organizational DNA. This award-winning kit includes:

Customize the kit to include as many training components as you wish from one conversation training program to all nine:

  • Foundations — The 7 core principles of Fierce Conversations
  • Team — including how to turn any team into a think tank
  • Confrontation — and a framework for going ‘shoulder to shoulder’ to investigate the truth
  • Delegation — and how to turn it into a development tool
  • Coaching — including the most important question to kick off a coaching conversation
  • Feedback — and how to transform it to a daily performance tool
  • Generations — including a method to solicit viewpoints from employees of every age
  • Accountability — and how to coach employees from a ‘victim mindset’ to one that embraces responsibility
  • Negotiations — and how to emphasize the long-term relationship over the short-term win

The participant kit is the essential tool for hosting your own Fierce training sessions.

Request your set of training participant kits through Fierce today.

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