Fierce Expands Conversation Catalysts Program to Address Divisive & Polarizing Topics


Fierce Conversations Expands its Conversation Catalysts Program to Address Divisive and Polarizing Topics

Dr. Yasmin Davidds and Kaplan Mobray are the latest to join this groundbreaking diversity program

November 11, 2020 – Seattle, WA – Against a backdrop of an increasingly polarized America, Fierce Conversations today announced an expansion of its Conversation Catalyst program that aims to connect companies with diversity experts who provide topical and timely knowledge, understanding, and learning to employees.

Joining the groundbreaking program are Dr. Yasmin Davidds, a psychologist and visionary expert on assertiveness, and Kaplan Mobray, a renowned author, thought leader, career coach, and motivational speaker, according to Fierce Conversations, a Seattle-based employee training company dedicated to the restoration of constructive communication.

“In turbulent times, we need to find common ground,” said Ed Beltran, CEO of Fierce Conversations. “This has become even more difficult with the challenges in the foreground of our vision right now. But constructive conversation – and in particular, dialogue that has been elevated to a new level of awareness and understanding – can be the panacea that heals, rather than fractures, and gives humanity the tools to bridge any divide, both professionally and personally.”

Dr. Davidds and Mobray join launch partners Karith Foster, author, speaker and humorist, and Dondré Whitfield, author, actor, social commentator and speaker, in delivering insights that can be accessed through webinars, virtual events, 3D microlearning simulations and more available at

Since its inception, Fierce Conversations has maintained that what gets talked about, how it gets talked about, and who is invited to the conversation determines what will happen, and what won’t happen.

By sharing diverse voices, Fierce hopes individuals can learn how to have provocative conversations that will help open minds to new perspectives — both in work and in life.

Here’s more about what participants can expect when engaging in a Conversation Catalysts session with Dr. Davidds and Mobray:

Dr. Yasmin Davidds has teamed up with Fierce to present insights on how people, particularly women and young adults, struggle to be assertive in the workplace. Dr. Davidds facilitates interactive 3D microlearning sessions that aim to teach people how to be graciously assertive and to have a stronger voice to foster positivity. These sessions can be accessed through Fierce’s 3D Simulations program, which enables individuals to interact in real-time with virtual content that is proven to foster greater knowledge retention.

Dr. Davidds has built a career based on empowerment. As a psychologist and visionary, along with being the Founder and CEO of her own institute, Dr. Yasmin Davidds Leadership Institute, she’s helped over 5,000 students work to find their voices. She is also the founder and president of the Women’s Institute of Negotiation. Dr. Davidds’ work has earned her numerous honors and awards for her pioneering expertise in negotiation training for employees at all levels through her graciously assertive training.

Kaplan Mobray’s partnership with Fierce focuses on microaggressions – subtle, biased behaviors that may go unnoticed by us, but could have negative repercussions on the recipient. Mobray trains people how to identify microaggressions in the workplace and within themselves, and how to overcome it. Mobray also will use the 3D Simulations program as a means of delivering his insights to as many individuals as possible.

Mobray is a renowned author, thought leader, career coach, and motivational speaker who has taught organizations on how to transform their businesses, increase their brand reputation, cultivate effective leaders at all levels, and unify diverse workforces for greater teamwork and company growth.

Prior to his professional speaking career, Kaplan served as U.S. Diversity Programs leader at Deloitte.

Fierce is committed to adding more experts to discuss topics that matter most to their clients. For more information, including for those who are interested in becoming a Conversation Catalyst, visit


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