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An interactive approach that will undo age-related silos, increase inclusion, and create a competitive advantage for your business.

Are you benefiting from the full participation of your team? Are some voices discounted as too young or too old? Age-related silos are sabotaging your success.

Maybe you struggle with these:

  • Exclusion
  • Generation gaps
  • Bias
Stereotypes about age and ability are stifling your success.


In the Fierce Generations program, master facilitators reveal:

  • How to recruit, retain and sustain relationships in a multi-generational workplace
  • The “beach ball” method for meetings: proven to solicit ideas and inputs from employees of all ages
  • How to debunk stereotypes about different generations
  • Techniques to leverage multi-generational perspectives to arrive at the best decisions for your company
  • Methods to create a culture of inclusion where everyone has a say
  • How to uncover shared values that transcend age

You’ll find yourself turning to the Generations program whenever you need to:

  • Inspire higher levels of trust, collaboration, and unique insights across your entire team
  • Move past a roadblock, vet an opportunity, or seek new solutions
  • Develop mentors to support the transfer of knowledge
  • Create high-potential employees from any age group
“The Fierce session allowed us to bring a diverse working group (both in experience and in roles) together under a common theme that affects us all. It proved empowering to many on our team.”
- Laurie Houck, University of Washington


It’s not a lecture series. Fierce training demands hands-on participation.You’ll solve real-life problems by working through the scenarios you bring to each session.

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Is your organization creating a synergizing work environment for all generations? You can achieve a competitive advantage when it can effectively leverage the strengths of different generations as highlighted in our whitepaper, The Multigenerational Advantage: 3 Strategies To Leverage The Strengths Of Each Generation.

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