Everyone at fierce represents fierce. Fierce is defined as: dedicated, robust, intense, strong, powerful, passionate, eager, unbridled. 

We exist to strengthen human to human connection. We believe that businesses who do business the human way will stand the test of time and impact the world for the better. Few things are as important to study, practice, and perfect as clear communication. We are fiercely dedicated to meeting companies where they are and taking them to a place they never thought possible, exceeding the expected return on investment.

Investing in your business starts with investing in your people. If you aren’t training your people at every level, HOW to communicate with teammates, within departments, across the company, and with the public, then you aren’t impacting the culture in a way that will transform it for good. Better interpersonal communication creates a stronger culture that reduces stress and increases performance on the individual and team level.

Every single business and personal goal you have is powered by conversations. We transform the careers, companies, relationships, cultures, and lives of everyone we work with.

We have created unique visuals and content that are easy to understand and apply. We sell you programming that fits your unique problems. We refuse to just sell things “off the shelf.”  We are your partner in cultural transformation and leadership growth. 


Master the Courage to interrogate reality.
  • We believe that everyone’s experience is their truth. To have a productive relationship, you must interrogate the reality of both sides. 
  • We embody a sense of possibility within ourselves, our relationships, and our business.
  • Make space for change and accept that we are all changing all the time.
Come out from behind ourselves into the conversation and make it real.
  • We believe it’s important to openly express ourselves.
  • We believe we are who we are, everywhere we go.
  • We identify our most important issues, the current impact, future implications, examine our personal contributions, decide the desired outcome, and commit to action.
Be here prepared to be nowhere else.
  • We recognize that all people desire to be known. 
  • We believe in listening and paying attention to nonverbal communication as well. We empathize. 
  • We ask questions. We make decisions based on every part of the tree (you’ll learn more about this in our training)
  • Excellence: we aim to deliver on our promises, services, etc. with excellence.
Tackle our toughest challenges today.
  • “The problem named, is the problem solved” 
  • We believe in clarification. We are dedicated to hard work.
Obey our instincts.
  • We believe in listening to your internal voice and acknowledging your reference point.
  • We recognize that our instincts are not always right.
  • Our integrity is a priority.
Take responsibility for our emotional wake.
  • We believe Our words have a lingering effect on the people we interact with.  We are conscious of that effect.
Let silence do the heavy lifting.
  • Allow time to reflect for more possible resolution.


Do you struggle with missed sales targets? Stalled execution? Employee engagement?

Your difficulties are as unique as your company. We’ll craft a custom solution dialed to your specific needs.

Here’s what to expect with Fierce:


[ Consult ]

Tell us about your most pressing issues.

[ Deep Dive ]

We’ll listen closely and dig for the full story.

[ Plan ]

Drawing from more than two decades of experience, we’ll customize a training that will solve your problems.


Our targeted trainings will show you how to have conversations that get results. Based on the insights you share, we’ll devise a custom solution that draws from the most relevant of our 9 proprietary training programs:

[ Time Commitment? ]

Flexible from a few hours with a facilitator, recurring workshops that unfold over months.

[ Location? ]

Convenient: Depending on the training, we can come to a location of your choosing or you might attend a workshop in Seattle, New York, or other global city.

[ Online options? ]

Of course: Fierce offers trainings both in person and via our online Adobe platform.


Stay Fierce: Following your training, we give you the tools to keep your edge and continually develop your organization.

Take a look at the long-lasting effects of Fierce:

Before Fierce After Fierce
Focus on activities. Focus on results.
Skirting the issues. No one engages. Nothing changes. Open culture that identifies and addresses issues truthfully. Generating the best decision for the organization.
An ‘us versus them,’ ‘me versus you’ culture. Politics, turf wars, competition for resources, and attention. High levels of alignment, collaboration, and partnership at all levels throughout the organization.
Reacting to and recuperating from poorly thought-out conversations. Engaging in effective, consequential conversations that resolve tough challenges.
Leaders micro-managing versus leading. No grass roots leadership development. Effective coaching and delegation. Development of quality ‘bench’ to fill future leadership positions.
A relationship with customers and employees based solely on price and salary. Diffulty maintaining margins. Relationships with customers and employees that extend beyond price. Customers and employees are engaged on an emotional level.
Original thinking is happening elsewhere. Sleepwalking through the manual. Shared enthusiasm for agility, continued learning, and epiphanies; shared standard of performance.
A culture of terminal ‘niceness.’ Avoiding or working around problem employees. Tolerating mediocrity. Effectively confronting attitudinal, performance or behavioral issues, and creating the impetus for change.
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