On-Demand Learning | Self-Paced, Continous Learning Journey

On-Demand Learning

Self-Directed Learning. Anywhere, Anytime.

Take Back Your Learning Journey.

Are you struggling to implement a comprehensive change management initiative? Or, are you finding it impossible to provide quality diversity and inclusion training to all your employees around the globe?

Executing training can be incredibly challenging with so many schedules to coordinate. And yet interactive, continuing education is imperative for a successful business, as well as your own professional and personal development. On-demand learning circumvents that hurdle by establishing a continuous learning journey that’s self-paced, scalable, and flexible without sacrificing engagement or quality.

Our innovative on-demand offering gives your learners individual access to Fierce programs at their own speed and schedule. This self-directed training — available on laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile — is filled with engaging videos, knowledge assessments, interactivity, reflection, and practical application exercises, all designed to take the learner from knowledge to action.

“From my perspective, this is an exceptional product. The graphics are attractive, the presentation is clear, and the entire thing (is) high-quality and engaging. ”

– Cynthia Williams Young, Assistant Vice President

on-demand benefits at a glance.

  • Full Fierce Program Access
    Choose from eight different Fierce learning tracks depending on your team’s needs: Foundations, Team, Coach, Delegate, Confront, Feedback, Accountability, and Negotiations.


  • Interactive
    Get access to high-quality videos from Fierce Master Facilitators as well as interactive features that maximize learning engagement.


  • Flexible
    With no set schedule or instructor to coordinate with, self-paced lessons can work for everyone. Team members do all their training according to their learning style, workload, and timeline.
  • Engagement Resources
    Knowledge assessments, quizzes, and access to a digital journal throughout the learning journey guarantees long-term individual comprehension and application.


  • Personalized
    Team members can focus on the areas they need to grow based on their individual experiences. Plus, they can go back to any lesson to review as needed.


  • Analytical Reports
    Administrator access within the Fierce Digital Platform provides metrics and tracking tools for detailed learner data to maximize your training’s effectiveness.

get started with your on-demand journey.

Our on-demand learning is available exclusively for our Fierce for Life™ Members. Connect with us to explore how you can bring on-demand into your organization.

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